SafeWaters develops tailor-made solutions to the Marine space through a group of highly talented industry professionals with knowledge beyond the traditional underwriting level. This expertise comes with actual shipping/engineering/claims hands-on experience, allowing the SafeWaters team to better understand the needs of our customer and to develop solutions accordingly.

At SafeWaters we put the customer as the focal point. Marine Loss Control services provided by our highly experienced team members and network of approved vendors are paramount to the success of our customer-centric strategy. We have an extensive network of professionals that know our level of expectations.


At SafeWaters, we listen to and understand your issues, which enables us to customize solutions around your particular needs and preferences. A prerequisite to being part of the SafeWaters team is having experience in the field of Marine Loss Control. Using such in-house expertise combined with our extended network of vendors (marine surveyors, engineers and security consultants), we effectively work with our clients to reduce/minimize losses.

SafeWaters has experienced loss control expertise to mitigate our customers’ risks and minimize costly delays. Our comprehensive loss control services are based on three core principles:

  1. Practical Loss Prevention: Helping customers minimize losses by analyzing potential exposures using the expertise of our team and external vendors
  2. Responsive Loss Control: Assisting clients with prevention of future losses by analyzing historical claims frequency and severity trends and acting to address weaknesses
  3. Continuous Consultation: Maintaining open communication between the client and SafeWaters to enhance loss prevention efforts

Our customers can also take advantage of the expertise of our independent surveyors and loss control experts who specialize in Yachts.

Loss control services works to mitigate the consequential impact of a loss that is, in most cases, much greater than the amount recovered under the insurance policy.

  • Yacht Condition surveys including the use of infrared thermal imaging and other non-invasive technologies to identify potential hull, electrical and machinery failures
  • Storm preparation/evacuation plans assessments
  • Crew background check and licensing check
  • Utilization of new technologies and materials in yacht construction
  • Consultation and advice on quality yacht clubs, marinas and repair facilities worldwide


SafeWaters has the unique advantage of a CEO with extensive prior hands-on and executive Marine Claims and Marine Loss Control experience who supports his operation on the basis of service.

We provide professional marine claims handling and resolution through a sister company, Smooth Waters Consultants & Adjusters.  Smooth Waters has established a reliable global network of surveyors and consultants for claims. In order to meet today’s claims challenges, we require solutions that are based on a creative and multidisciplinary approach with the customer as the central focus.

Following a loss, we work with our customers on evaluating the extent and cause of the loss, support efforts to recover cost through subrogation and salvage, and assist our customers with all aspects of the claim in order to have a very speedy resolution.

Premier claims service is SafeWaters’ goal. Quality claims handling and communications is a multi-part process which requires proper handling and expedited payment.

To learn more about Smooth Waters and our capabilities, visit smoothwatersmarine.com.


While there are plenty of catastrophe models in the non-marine sector, the marine industry has often found it difficult to accurately manage exposures due to the non-static nature of the risks. Existing models offer little differentiation by yacht, which is why SafeWaters works with the actuarial team to develop a marine catastrophe modeling solution.

SafeWaters’ Models Enable:

  1. More accurate assessments of accumulations and loss potential from natural catastrophe events
  2. Improved pricing assumptions for marine risks, leading to more competitive product offering
  3. Enhanced exposure management, accumulation control and claims service