• All general cargo risks in the US, which include Imports, Exports and Inland Transit (Distribution of the cargo within the country)
  • Stock Throughput– combined stock and transit risks
  • Infrastructure Projects including Advance Loss of Profit (ALOP) / Delay in Start up (DSU)
  • Freight Forwarders’ Liability (FLL) / Carriers’ Legal Liability (CLL) and Warehouse keeper’s liability



  • Public and Private Companies that encompasses:

1. Multinational companies, including captives
2. Logistic Companies
3. Large domestic companies
4. Medium to Small size domestic companies

  • Retail and Wholesale brokers
  • Reinsurance brokers


  • Terms and coverages required
  • Annual Turnover or Annual Shipments or Annual Gross Receipts (for FFL/CLL)
  • Limit of Liability required
  • Five-year loss history
  • Types of goods and packaging
  • Detailed information about shipments (imports/exports /inter-company), including type of conveyances, sales terms (Intercoms) and geographical area (from where to where)
  • Loss Prevention Measures that the client has


  • Personalized/Tailor Made Underwriting
  • Global claims network offering detailed online, real-time claims overview
  • Marine Loss Control Engineering Services (including supply chain analysis, assessment of logistic procedures, loss prevention reports, location surveys and more) and dedicated cargo risk engineering capabilities
  • Electronic insurance certificate tool
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